2nd December 8am Detroit | 2pm Stuttgart | 6.30pm Mumbai

Assembly automation for automotive electronics

Paul Burrows and Dr Dmitrij Walter of Manz discuss the challenges of high-volume automotive electronics assembly and the increased opportunities for laser welding to replace fastening or other welding technologies.

17th November 10am Detroit | 4pm Stuttgart

Prismatic, pouch or cylindric? A pack design study

AVL’s Jürgen Schneider and Dr Jan Richter of Batemo explain how to balance trade-offs and cope with high levels of complexity through early-stage development methods that utilise extensive battery pack design studies.

8th November 10am Detroit | 4pm Stuttgart

How to assess ride comfort and handling objectively

AVL experts present a series of tools that help OEMs and their suppliers achieve consumer acceptance and excitement in the areas of vehicle handling and ride comfort.

27th October 9am Detroit | 3pm Stuttgart

How to meet future vehicle NVH requirements

BASF’s Marc Ingelmann and Mark Staniford explain how OEMs can reduce airborne and structure-borne vehicle noise using optimum material combinations and innovative NVH solutions.

Automotive World Magazine

April 2021

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Automotive World Magazine – April 2021

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